By R.W. Carstens / Foreword by Andrew M Greeley

Falling into Grace is a study of Father Andrew Greeley’s fiction and the message behind his words, revealing many timeless political and theological ideas. Professor R.W. Carstens shares the findings of his deep exploration into Greeley’s novels as evidence of a set of ancient values and key political ideas that are needed today more than ever. As a great storyteller, Father Greeley’s message is significant-that grace sustains us, unites us, comforts us, and sometimes overwhelms us, but it is also evidence of our freedom. Carstens’ careful examination into the deeper meaning behind the stories demonstrates that Father Greeley’s characters and the world in which they live portray life as acts of faith, hope, and love, and prove that God is alive and well in the hearts of many in the world. As Carstens discusses Father Greeley’s imagination and his political and theological concepts, he develops his own theories about how these ideas can be applied in today’s world by creating freedom, limiting authority, and building communities where people are united by common goals. In the end, Carstens’ study demonstrates that Father Greeley’s fiction shows us a way to go home — -to the images that appeal to the best in us, and therefore tell us what might be.

About the Author

Professor R.W. Carstens earned his B.A. from St. Ambrose College and received his M.A. and Ph.D. in political science and philosophy from Miami University. Dr. Carstens has authored several books and articles. He and his wife, Noreen, have two sons and live in Gahanna, Ohio.