Father Greeley will be celebrating Mass on Christmas with his friend Father John Cusick and enjoying the day with his family. He wishes each and everyone a Joyous, Warm, and Peaceful Holiday Season!  He personally enjoys and offers this blessing from his Irish American Blessings and Prayers.

A Blessing For Christmas

Each Christmas comes as a surprising gift
Like an infant’s first tiny tottering step
Or a rediscovered lover’s tender touch
After a stormy night, soothing dawn
Snowflakes lightly dusting a frozen field
the smile of hope in a hurrying crowd
Pardon long delayed then quickly given
Candlelight which fractures the winter gloom

May delight lurk for you at every turn
Amid all the evergreen and mistletoe
And tissued heaps of tinsel ribboned gifts
May Christmas wonder renew your deepest loves
With whom go hand in hand to Bethlehem
To be surprised by the Mother and Her child

May God bless you.
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit