The book is dedicated to Father Greeley and has a chapter about him. Mike had these wonderful things to say about Father Greeley in the CatholicMom interview:

“Andrew Greeley was already a famous Catholic writer when I was in the seminary and when he read something I wrote in a literary magazine Fr. Greeley wrote to me and encouraged me to continue writing! When I went to him as a young priest and told him I wanted to leave and get married and asked him if he’d write a letter of introduction to his publishers in New York, he did, even though he offered to find me a psychiatrist first (I found my own seven years later). Andy wrote books for me my whole career as an editor and publisher, like The Great Mysteries, that were among the best I ever did and the best he ever wrote. He is one of the kindest men I’ve ever known.

 He was getting out of a taxi a couple of years ago and his coat caught in the door and he cracked his skull on the pavement and will probably never write another book. Andrew Greeley is one of the great Catholic minds of the latter 20th century, but I will always remember him as one of the great Catholic hearts.”

This is a wonderful book!
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