Health update 03/08/09 from downtown Chicago

Father Greeley is home where he continues intensive therapy. He appreciates your kind messages.

Health update 01/15/09 from downtown Chicago

Father Greeley has been discharged from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) and returned home where he will continue intensive therapy for traumatic brain injury. His family wishes to express deep appreciation to the RIC physicians and support staff for the outstanding care he received, and to all his friends and fans who have been praying for him and leaving such kind comments.

More updates will be posted immediately as they become available.

Additional information:

Father Greeley’s family has been in contact with the young California couple who helped when they saw the accident. The man is training to be an EMT. The woman called 911 immediately as he used her scarf to stop the bleeding. They both kept him warm and talked to him. The family have thanked them and referred to them as his guardian angels. We all hope their story will inspire others to act as Good Samaritans.
Their story can be found at

Father Greeley was wearing his Obama cap at the time of the accident. He was so excited about the outcome of the elections, as anyone who knows him might have guessed.

– We would like to thank Julie Montague very much for the updates and other news.

Until further notice, we are opening this forum up to those who wish to leave a message for Father Greeley. We ask those awaiting further news to please be patient.  When any news is available, it will be posted here immediately – promise!

Peace, good health, and may God bless everyone.


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